A Vision for a Healthier Utah

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Your Utah Your Future is a great representation of how we do business in our state. We can achieve better health outcomes by planning for the future and taking action today. Facilitating the implementation of community features like trails, bike lanes, and sidewalks can help get people out of their cars and using their feet. Running, jogging, or walking for recreation, commuting, or to just get around will provide a direct benefit to our lives and perhaps even our waistlines.


Spencer CoxSpencer Cox, Lieutenant Governor, State of Utah

As Lieutenant Governor, Spencer Cox serves as the chief election officer, liaison between the governor and the state legislature, and serves on 20 committees and commissions, chairing 12 of them. Spencer was born and raised in the town of Fairview, Utah. He and his wife Abby both come from large families, and were raised on farms in Sanpete County, where they learned the value of hard work and collaboration. Spencer and Abby are the parents of four children between ages 9 and 17: Gavin, Kaleb, Adam, and Emma Kate.

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